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Monday, March 28, 2005
todae so fun and dumb!!! haiz...the Derrick keep calling me Ying Kang's girlfren....argghh...so damn irritatin....okie...gtg~! cya!
Sparky [6:08 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
heya! haha.. todae was vry fun....altough there was no P.E! todae i also vry unlucky ( dao mei )...haha...i keep seeing my enemy at recess!!! ..hahax...todae onli hav one maths ws to do! :P :) haha....i vry bored and hav nth to sae...so, cya nxt time! :)
Sparky [3:15 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Monday, March 21, 2005
hiz....todae was a vry fun day!! haha...i actually love goin to sch...but i hate HOMEWORK!!! :)
i can see my bestiest fren Adelyn... ( or ammyz ). and i can see my best budds...PP and QQ! :P
haha..i can also see my gd frens like Jean...Wendy...and Zi Wei! hahaz...i wonder if my cuzzies hav blogs...hehex....i'm so happy! maybe the holi's not enough work 4 me to do...tts y i feel so bored. hahax....we played "Octopus" todae at P.E....so fun! and i caught my enemy! :P
kiez...gotta go! bye!
Sparky [4:39 PM]
___makee a wiish___

Sunday, March 20, 2005
haiz....another boring day! i dun hav much to sae...but i hav nth to do todae...so bb! nxt time then i write some more things! bye! :)
Sparky [5:32 PM]
___makee a wiish___

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